Breeding Foundation Bloodlines

Performance from the Start

For the past 28 years, the Fountainhead Farm Breeding Program has been focused on promoting the bloodlines of proven performers in cutting, reining, and working cow horse. Our stallions and mares come from the great horses that have been a major influence in these industries:

  • Be Aech Enterprise
  • Gunsmoke
  • Smart Little Lena
  • Grays Starlight

Our stallions and mares carry between 37 ½% to 50% of these bloodlines – like own sons and daughters of these great horses. These bloodlines have been selected for their superior conformation, proven performance, willing disposition, and natural talent.

Fountainhead Farms breeds for correct conformation, which places them in natural balance. Horses that are in balance work from the large muscles in their hind quarters, and this is paramount for these performance horses. Our horses are loose in the front end, allowing for quickness and a more dynamic crossover with their front legs. Whether you’re cutting a cow, going down the fence, or performing a reining pattern, your horse will perform better if it is in balance.

Fountainhead Farms breeds for trainability. The natural balance of our horses gives them a solid foundation for their maneuvers. Their quickness to learn and willing disposition provides the rest.

It has been shown that higher percentages of quality bloodlines in the sire and dam are more likely to produce quality offspring. Our stallion and mare pedigrees are those of world champions. Conformation, natural ability, and trainable minds complete the package. Isn’t it time you consider our stallions and mares to cross on your quality stock?